How To Measure

Measure the number of rolls: 

It is necessary to determine the amount of wallpaper required for you to place an order online. We help you to understand this in simple steps.

In case, you need further guidance, please call us on 8850669169 to help you with the process. Please have the measurements of your wall ready in order to help you out.

First, make sure, while calculating, everything should be measured in the same units.

X = width of the wall(m)                 3.45

Y=length of the wall(m)                  2.8

R=repeat(m)                                   0.2

A=Wallpaper width                         0.53

B=Wallpaper length                       10.05

WS2=Wall surfacesize                   X x Y

WP2=Wallpaper surface size         A x B


(X+R)xY =WS2                                         (3.45+0.2)x2.8 = 10.22—Round to 11

AxB=WP2                                                   0.53×10.05 = 5.3—Round to 5

WS2/WP=No of rolls required for your project

11/5 = 2.2 ———Round to 3

No. of rolls required = 3

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