Let your walls reflect your style with Design Wrap Wallcoverings.

Be it a cozy corner for kids to finish their homework, a creative studio for artists, or a traditional computer-on-desk type workspace, Design Wrap wallpaper breathes life into your walls.

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Wallpapers make your space lively and vivacious. Installing wallpapers is the most cost-effective way to glamorize and upgrade your walls. Design Wrap has a diverse collection of wallpapers for you to choose from. For your every vision mood and idea, we have a wallpaper that brings your idea to life. Be it floral, abstract, or alluring stripes, every wallcovering speaks of your style. The cherry on the top is that these wallpapers are not only artistic but pocket-friendly too.

Corporate Offices

Corporate Offices

There’s a shift from the conventional white workspaces to workspaces that feel cozy, lively, and quirky which inspire and add to productivity. Design Wrap wallpapers enliven the space with their artistic and abstract designs, floral and Aztec prints, stripes, and contemporary designs creating a soothing work atmosphere. Our wallcoverings very subtly and beautifully complement your vision for your space. Commercial wallcovering is one of Design Wrap’s specialties.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotels

Hotels bear the simplicity of the home and sophistication of the commercial space. Design Wrap wallpapers create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, spark thoughts and conversations making the customers feel exotic and like home at the same time. Design Wrap wallpapers transform your space by making them elegant. A wide range of designs, prints, and patterns are fashioned to suit your hotel’s unique decor. Bring your vision for your space to life with wallcoverings from DesignWrap.

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I have known many interior decorators and wallpaper brands but no one beats my experience with Design Wrap. They stand true to their word. I have seen their work and have recommended it to my clients. I got rewarded monetarily and in terms of customers’ satisfaction as well.


Earning by recommending Design Wrap is extremely simple and pays well too. I am glad to be associated with a brand like Design Wrap which is remarkably dedicated and brilliant at what they do while supporting the real estate agents monetarily for recommending them which is a win-win for me, them, and the clients.


I highly recommend my fellow real estate agents to collaborate with Design Wrap & recommend them to their respective clients as earning some extra money couldn’t get any easier than this. Recommend and earn is supremely simple with Design Wrap. I have been rewarded pretty decently. Try it yourself and you would thank me later.


Design Wrap takes “Refer and Earn” to the next level by rewarding the real estate agents for recommending them to their clients. My business has been blooming as the clients I land are happy with the property as well as my recommendation of Design Wrap for their interior works.


Working as a real estate agent has started rewarding, finally, the day I chose to collaborate with Design Wrap. All I did was to recommend them to the clients I had closed my property deal with and was rewarded by Design Wrap. My work just got interesting and highly recommend Design Wrap to my other fellow agents.

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