FORME 9487

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Cristiana Masi

  • Code: FORME 9487
  • Brand : Cristiana Masi
  • Catalogue Name : FORME
  • Design Type: Vinyl Wallpaper on a Non Woven Basis
  • Roll width (M): 0.70M * 10.05M
  • Roll Size (M): 75 Sqft
  • Match: 0 free Match
  • Cleaning: Spongable
  • Cost per sq.feet :Rs 107


FORME – Made in Italy
A wonderful catalogue FORME – disigned by Cristiana Masi. A new vigorous atmosphere of strong aesthetic impact, a sensual and savage trend from the 70s mood. Creativity freedom intended to stimulate the senses by using combinations of SHAPES, TEHTURES and GEOMETRIES : decoration becomes a mix of styles and epochs in line with the eclectic contemporary taste.

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Cristiana Masi




Black, Grey

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