ONY 502

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  • Code: ONY 502
  • Brand : Zoom
  • Catalogue Name : Onyx
  • Design Type: Non Woven
  • Roll width (M): 0.53M *10.05M
  • Roll Size (M): 57 Sqft
  • Match: Reverse the lengths,free match
  • Cleaning: Spongable
  • Cost per sq.feet :Rs 182


Available on backorder

The Zoom collections combine superior quality with a budget. Interpreting classic design with contemporary interior trends, they offer a wide range of solutions for any wall in need of a fresh and outspoken touch of elegance. Distilled from Masureel’s rich creation pool, Zoom guarantees a perfect equilibrium between material and style.

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Bahia, Goja, Kosmos, Onyx, Papyrus



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