GLA 303

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  • Code: GLA 303
  • Brand : Khroma
  • Catalogue Name : Glasshouse
  • Design Type: Non Woven
  • Roll width (M): 0.53M *10.05M
  • Roll Size (M): 57 Sqft
  • Match: Straight Match
  • Cleaning: Spongable
  • Cost per sq.feet :Rs 218


Available on backorder

Every Khrôma collection holds a unique and original story, connecting us with the rich heritage of the many cultures on our globe. Elaborate color combinations, innovative structures and original designs have established Khrôma as a leading brand in its field. It offers the private and professional interior designer ample variety, tailoring inspiration for any demanding project.

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Glass House



Technical Specifications

Brand Khroma
Design Type Non Woven
Roll width (M) 0.53M *10.05M
Match Offset Match
Cleaning Spongable
Product Dimensions 21.9 x 31.4 x 1.8 cm

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2.7 overall

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